Company Overview


Vaughn Ryan, Inc. Company Overview

Vaughn Ryan was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana by law enforcement veterans who noticed the gap in training for on-site security personnel and serious vulnerabilities at houses of worship and businesses. Our mission is to train personnel in real world, hands-on scenarios that will allow them to render assistance until first responders arrive.

Since being founded, Vaughn Ryan has developed a comprehensive educational training program that fuses classroom and hands on training. All training is rooted in law enforcement training and includes topics such as: Incident Command, Active Shooter Response, Verbal Conflict De-escalation, Defensive Tactics, Disaster Planning, Emergency Medical Care, and Legal Considerations. Our training programs are unlike any other training in the marketplace, as we teach clients law enforcement techniques that allow for a swift, life saving response. Vaughn Ryan customizes each training class to the needs of our client, ensuring that your team only learns techniques applicable to your situation.

To supplement our clients training and mitigation efforts, Vaughn Ryan also provides active police officers to clients for executive and dignitary protection, workplace violence threats, and various other situations that would benefit from the presence and swift action from an active law enforcement officer. These services can range from officers being undercover to full uniform. We only provide highly trained, active police officers to ensure the highest level of service and most reduced risk of liability.

Why Vaughn Ryan?

Simply put, we are the best at what we do. We take our years of law enforcement training and experience and teach you how to respond to an emergency incident to quickly mitigate a threat and keep people safe. The moments leading up to police arriving are pivotal to saving lives, and we teach you what to do to remain safe and protect others. Our training program is unlike any other, each training session is customized for your situation, and includes training usually reserved for only law enforcement.