Solutions For Government Entities

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Government Administration

We work with local municipalities police agencies to assist in structuring the agency for maximized accountability, budget forecasting, personnel development, and community outreach. We work with agency leaders to define current pain points within the agency and assist leaders in developing new real world solutions, tailored to their needs. We are able to assist in striking a balance between community needs and officer safety that will increase moral within the agency, build foundations of trust within the community, and allow for implementation of a successful community policing policy.

Community Policing

Co-Founder of Vaughn Ryan, Chief Tom Vaughn, is an expert in implementing a successful community policing approach. His success with the City of Southport generated intrest from agencies across the country on how such a successful police-community partnership was developed and maintained. Chief Vaughn offers a tailor made plan to assist agencies in implementing their community policing strategies. During these times of budget reductions, deteriorating police/community relations, Chief can help your agency police in the 21st Century.

Results Driven Solutions

Improved Police - Community Relations

Increased Departmental Morale

Filling in funding gaps with grant programs

Successful budgeting, structuring, and real world Standard Operating Procedures.